Helping Hearts: A journey with Better Together

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No two days are the same in the life of a family support manager.

Whether it’s a ride to a treatment center, watching a mom’s baby while she interviews for a job or registering a child for school and seeing them off on their first day, our family support managers meet families in their most desperate hour. They walk alongside parents and help them overcome obstacles, keep their family together, and flourish.

This vital role requires a combination of expertise and heart.

“Being able to serve in this way and see a family from the start, work with them, and say, ‘We can help,’ and actually watch it be successful has just been the greatest thing,” says Family Support Manager Brittany Day, who serves families along the Space Coast and Treasure Coast of Florida.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to experience a day in the life of our family support manager, the ups and downs, and the beautiful rewarding moments.

Like state case managers, our family support managers work with families who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, medical emergencies and other challenges. However, our volunteer-driven, 100% privately funded model allows family support managers a wider range of solutions to help families.

Serving in this capacity requires a master’s degree in social work or other human services-related fields and three years of experience working with vulnerable families. Most importantly, our support managers have a heart for helping families flourish.

When Brittany heard about Better Together through a presentation, she knew immediately that she wanted to help. She credits an aunt for helping her own family through a difficult time when she was growing up. This was an opportunity to return that support to families in her community. Brittany and her husband became our first host family in Central East Florida. When she learned a family support manager position was open, she knew it was an opportunity to give even more.

“I just found myself very pulled to the mission,” Brittany says.

We’ll tag along with Brittany later this month. First, we’ll introduce you to Jessica Braemer, who serves families in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. She, too, has experienced the impact that a support system can have on a person’s life. The church wrapped around her in a time of need, and now she thrives by helping others. Watch for Jessica’s story next week in our blog and via social media.


Do you know someone who would make a good family support manager? We’re hiring in multiple Florida locations. Visit our Career page for more information.


Posted February 1, 2024

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