Better Families

Protecting children and preserving families by connecting them to safe and compassionate volunteers.

Children currently in the U.S. foster care system
of those children are in the system due to neglect
Research shows neglect is preventable; it’s an outcome of chronic isolation and poverty. Sometimes even good parents lack the resources to be all they want to be for their kids.

What if we could work together to

strengthen families

prevent neglect

from ever taking place and

keep more families together?

Good news! We can. We do it every day.

    Better Families
  • Gives parents in crisis a dignifying option to decide, out of love for their children, they’re not the right people to care for them right now
  • Believes with those parents that, one day soon, they will be
  • Alleviates stress by offering a safe place for children to stay with vetted and trained volunteer families
  • Replaces isolation with relational support, mentoring, and a sense of community
  • Reunites families as soon as possible, with 45 days as an average length of time children stay with a volunteer family
  • Succeeds in preventing the need for foster care 96% of the time
We create better families by connecting them to caring and supportive relationships.

This is how we keep children safe and help a family on the brink of collapse. As a community, we are better when we all work together to care for those in need.