Partnerships Make Better Jobs Work!

As An Employer, You Can Change A Life

Better Jobs has brought together more than 500 businesses nationwide, and we’re changing lives with every hire. If you have job openings and want to be part of restoring a job seeker’s dignity, and reaping the rewards of a truly grateful hire, our job fairs are a great place to start!

“While we produce millions of bags of high-quality snacks every day, we really are in the people business. It is our thousands of dedicated teammates across the country who work together to produce great tasting products that consumer get to enjoy. We believe that to succeed, we must attract great people to join our team and then provide them with training, recognition, rewards, and a safe work environment so that they can continue to grow and learn with us. Shearer’s is growing, and that means opportunities for our people. To succeed, you must work hard, enjoy working in a team-oriented setting, and do what you say you will do. Those behaviors enable people to rapidly grow their careers. We believe in second chances, and that with the right attitude, work ethic, values and training, a fresh start with Shearer’s can lead to a happy, productive and successful new beginning.”

Bill Nictakis, Chairman and CEO of Shearer’s Foods, LLC

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring a job fair is a great way for your company or organization to show support for local neighbors in need. Sponsorship levels are $500, $250 or $150, with different benefits for each level.

Our Generous Sponsors And Partners

Becoming a Church Partner

Churches are the heartbeat of our ministry. These organizations provide us with thousands of volunteers who put their faith to action daily. The scriptures instruct us to make room in our lives to care for strangers and welcome one another into our homes and our lives. Serving one another is akin to serving Christ.

Church leaders can begin an employment ministry and support our Better Jobs program, empowering families to reach financial independence. We’re seeking churches to:

There’s no single “right way” to run a job ministry. Church leaders determine the best configuration for their congregations, and the Better Together staff offers the professional training and tools needed to bring it to fruition.

You can also give your congregation the chance to grow spiritually, show kindness and change society for the better. Churches can help our Better Jobs program by:

Better Together does the rest. We provide, training, project management, tools, resources, templates and professional ongoing support as they start up a job ministry within their church.

Ready to get started?


How It Works: Your Church’s Journey

Connect with a member of our team to ask questions

Talk with your church leadership to present the ministry

Make a decision to commit to Better Jobs, partnering with us and making this ministry a part of your church’s outreach strategy

Fill out a partner agreement and pay your church’s annual membership fee

Attend a live or virtual training to learn how to offer a hope-filled job fair

Identify a team of volunteers (3+ individuals) to plan and execute on your job fair

Work with our team, receiving our expert coaching as you go along

Get your community and church family excited to get involved

Host your job fair

Do it again, offering continual job coaching and workshops until you do your next job fair.

What We DO

Equip your church, through live or virtual trainings, with everything you need to know

Provide a comprehensive kit of resources, samples, guides and templates

Offer weekly, open-forum Zoom calls to answer questions and crowdsource ideas

Provide ongoing, timely email support

Check in through one-on-one phone calls, scheduled based on need

Host event details, registration and interest forms on our website

What You Do

Execute on all aspects of your job fair

Appoint a volunteer leadership team to bring your fair to life

Utilize your network of volunteers and community partners to invite employer partners

Recruit day-of volunteers to serve job seekers

Promote the event through grassroots and social media

Follow up and engage with all audiences after your job fair, continual to offer one-on-one job coaching, workshops and connections to job seekers between events.

Nationwide Day of Second Chances

Created by Better Together, the Nationwide Day of Second Chances is a day when churches, volunteers, local businesses and nonprofits across the United States band together to host job fairs for neighbors who face employment barriers such as incarceration.

Each year, 650,000 Americans are released from prison – over 10,000 people a week. These are single moms, fathers, teenagers, veterans and recovering addicts. With no job prospects, two-thirds of them will lose hope and return to prison.

However, we believe everyone has a gift they can use to make society better, if given a chance. Get involved and learn more about this movement for second chances!

What Church Partners Say

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