A unique opportunity for churches to help those in need

When someone loses a job, it creates more problems than just a lack of income. It throws off an entire family’s stability and creates one new crisis after another.

For millions of people around the country, those issues are in addition to other problems, like isolation, an abusive partner, traumatic past experiences, or a prior conviction that keeps them from working in the future.

It has been shown that without a stable job and supportive community, these neighbors are far more likely to suffer depression, abuse, addiction, divorce, and eviction.

In the wake of COVID-19, more than 30 million Americans are now without work. They’re suddenly at risk for these tragic outcomes, and they need your help.

There is a solution – and it involves the local church.

How Does Better Jobs Help?

After working with families on the Better Families side, we wanted to help solve some of the root causes of why families go into seasons of crisis in the first place. We found that 76% of the families we served came to us because of an economic need, somehow tied to unemployment.

That realization launched our Better Jobs program.

Better Jobs is a program that equips local churches to run a community or second chance job fair right–offered either in person or virtually–where it’s needed most.

Our job fairs are a proven tool which equips churches to reach people, 60% of whom are unchurched, who are struggling through some of life’s most significant challenges. With our training and support, partners across the country are offering a welcoming job fair experience which offers neighbors a valuable service–access to employers who will view them as human beings–and a community of loving volunteers who will encourage and support them to rediscover their value and the dignity that comes with work.

How It Works: Your Church’s Journey

  1. Connect with a member of our team to ask questions
  2. Talk with your church leadership to present the ministry
  3. Make a decision to commit to Better Jobs, partnering with us and making this ministry a part of your church’s outreach strategy
  4. Fill out a partner agreement and pay your church’s membership fee
  5. Attend a live training to learn how to offer a hope-filled job fair
  6. Identify a team of volunteers (3+ individuals) to plan and execute on your job fair
  7. Work with our team, receiving our expert coaching as you go along
  8. Get your community and church family excited to get involved
  9. Host your job fair
  10. Do it again

We Do

  • Equip your church, through live trainings, with everything you need to know
  • Provide a comprehensive kit of resources, samples, guides, and templates
  • Offer weekly, open-forum Zoom calls to answer questions and crowd source ideas
  • Provide ongoing, timely email support
  • Check in through one-on-one phone calls, scheduled based on need
  • Host event details, registration, and interest forms on our website

You Do

  • Execute on all aspects of your job fair
  • Appoint a volunteer leadership team to bring your fair to life
  • Utilize your network of volunteers and community partners to invite employer partners
  • Recruit and train day-of volunteers to serve job seekers
  • Promote the event through grassroots and social media
  • Follow up and engage with all audiences, after your fair

Partnership Fees

Better Together is excited to offer our lessons learned, training, materials, and ongoing coaching to church partners across the country. In order to help cover our costs, and support our ministry, we ask our partners to give financially. Below are our requested fees:

  • $150.00 annual membership fee for all churches.
  • If your church decides to collect employer fees or event sponsorships, then we will collect 20% of your total revenue within two weeks after the job fair.
  • If your church does not collect these fees, then you will owe a one-time enrollment fee of $500.00.