We keep families together – and children out of foster care – by providing them with a temporary loving home and helping their parents work to build a better life.


Our team is dedicated to helping people help themselves. We empower them to find employment and provide a loving, safe and supportive foundation for their children.


Because job loss is often the root cause of many serious issues, including child neglect, Better Jobs works with churches around the country to connect people with opportunities for stability, hope and success.

Empowering People Through Better Families and Better Jobs

Since 2015, Better Together has served more than 9,000 children and 42,000 job seekers through two highly successful programs: Better Families and Better Jobs. By empowering people who truly want to help themselves, Better Together is poised to prevent child abuse and neglect before it happens and match employers to employees who simply need a hand up or second chance.

Better Families: Preventing The Need of Foster Care

The abuse hotline receives 4 million calls a year – in Florida alone, where there are 21,000 children currently in foster care. Better Families prevents the need of foster care by addressing the root cause of child neglect and abuse. Parents enter this program voluntarily. Better Together host families offer temporary homes to their children, while mentors and job coaches guide parents as they work to get back on their feet.

Out of the children served through hosting and mentoring, 98% of them haven’t required any state intervention. The Better Families program is keeping families together – and children out of foster care – by providing them with a temporary loving home and helping their parents work to build a better life.

Better Jobs: Solving the Root of the Problem

When the Better Together team realized 76% of their families came to them because of an economic hardship tied to unemployment, they knew they had to address the root of the problem and created Better Jobs to help. A health crisis or disability, mental health concerns, and economic decline can all lead to job loss. No matter what the reason, a person’s dignity and employment status can be restored with a little support. Thanks to a network of 500+ church partners across the United States, Better Jobs has helped nearly 42,000 job seekers find employment.

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