Danielle Marciano honored with Board Member of the Year award

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We are thrilled to share that Danielle Marciano received the Board Member of the Year award for her work with Better Together at the Inspire Gala held March 1 at the Hilton Ocala.

At the annual event, the Community Foundation Ocala/Marion County celebrates impactful work in a way that truly lets the work shine. Nominations for the awards are collected and sent to an outside foundation with names redacted to ensure that voting is based on merit and contributions to the community.

In addition to serving on our North Central Community Advisory Board, Danielle and her family have hosted three children in their home, giving their parents the time and space they needed to work through a difficult season.

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Angelee and her children reunited with fanfare after the kids were hosted by the Marciano family while mom got back on her feet. The two families now share a strong bond.

Danielle has made an incredible impact on Better Together and the families we serve. She brings great ideas to the table. She’s always willing to help with parents. She gives generously, and she’s a champion of Better Together in the community. She often tells others about the work we do and makes connections that help us further our impact and serve more children and families.

“I’m truly truly honored because I am standing in a room right now full of people who are so deserving of this very thing, board members who are serving on multiple boards and doing outstanding work day in and day out,” Danielle said before a full room at the gala.

“I’ve always struggled with the desire to do grandiose things to solve social issues in our community. However, I’ve taken solace in living in the way that St. Therese of Lisieux has recommended. I don’t have extra letters that follow my name denoting any sort of special education. I don’t possess any superhuman strength, and I don’t claim any super powers or have any outstanding talents above anybody else’s. But I could love. So like St. Therese, I try to do little things with great love.

“Retired U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven said in his book ‘Make Your Bed’ that little things matter. And they do. They really do add up fast especially in the nonprofit world. That may be making a phone call or making a meal. It could be responding to a child’s whimper at night or giving an encouraging word or even one more push on the swings. And we can all do as St. Therese does. And we can all do little things with great love. Thank you so much.”

Read more about the Inspire Gala in the Ocala Gazette.

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