Together again…

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Nikko ran through darkness to the light of his mother’s smile on Friday at Lakes Park in Fort Myers.

Three months earlier, his mother, Danielle, was bearing crosses that made caring for Nikko, 6, challenging. She was overwhelmed and needed help.

With uncertainty and courage Danielle reached out to Better Together (BT) — an organization that keeps families working and whole. What would help from BT look like?

A BT family care coordinator listens to Danielle’s needs and together they create a plan to care for Nikko and help Danielle.

Gabby and Cameron Wojcik, a vetted BT host family, volunteer to care for Nikko. He has his own room. He receives plenty of love and care. He is safe.

Danielle and Nikko talk and see each other regularly.

BT staff and mentors help Danielle through her challenges.

Danielle and Nikko are together again.

— Moments by Kinfay/hopeful images

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