One week. Incredible transformation.

Mom holds girl close

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BriAnna is a young mom. She was living in her car with her two toddlers when she contacted Better Together on a blistering August day. She had already done amazing things. She had just landed a new job and got day care for her children, but one piece was missing. Her little family needed a caring, loving community—and a home.

At about the same time, one of our incredible community partners, One More Child, called us to say they had an opening in their single moms’ program. We quickly referred BriAnna. She was accepted into the program and moved in within the week.

During that week, a volunteer host family took care of the two toddlers so that BriAnna could work, get the paperwork done and do the moving without any distractions.

A church partner, River Christian Church, provided a seven-night hotel stay so that she could rest, get some peace and quiet, and have a safe place to stay.

Another church, Crossroad Church UMC, referred us to an auto repair shop to fix her car, which had stopped running. They helped pay for the repair, too.

In the span of one week, this mom went from having no community, no support system and living in a car with two toddlers to working mom with stable housing, safety for her children, a car that runs, new clothes and a community. A support system she can turn to in good times and bad.

Notice how often we said “partner”? We truly cannot do this work without our community and church partners, and our volunteers and supporters. With your partnership, we can help not only BriAnna but many more families just like hers. Thank you!

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Posted September 21, 2022

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