Hurricane Ian: How can you help?

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Semi trucks full of supplies are coming daily to our church partners across Southwest Florida. Better Together is leveraging the strength of its team and volunteers to work with churches in the region and across the country to bring in supplies to help families impacted by the hurricane from Sarasota to Collier County.

While helping the churches coordinate relief efforts, we’re still serving families to make certain that children are in a safe environment. Our volunteers are hosting children of those who need a safe place for the kids, while providing child care for families of first responders and essential workers.

The impact is immediate: A single mom got care for her children through the storm while she went into labor. A local nurse got child care for her son while she worked on the front lines. Several volunteers delivered hot lasagnas. The Doll family, who is without power and running water but has a generator and limited supplies, volunteered to care for kids and relieve pressure on parents.

We need more volunteers as well. We’re looking for folks who can help drive supplies to families who don’t have transportation, and we need volunteers who can offer child care.

We are still hosting children. We want to get children into safe places—the need for this will grow substantially within the week. The longer we’re without power and running water, the greater the need grows.

For those who can help financially, we have established a relief fund. We aim to raise $100,000 to support the relief effort, volunteers caring for children, supplies and transportation for families with none. We’re helping families get the support they need and transportation to leave the area if able, until power is restored.

We’re also helping employers find workers to help with repairing damage. Any employers needing help, please contact us. If someone needs a job, we’ll place them.

Together, we will get through the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian. We will grow stronger—both our families and our community—if we work together. Whether you or someone you know is in need or you can help meet a need, please reach out to us:

To apply for help, visit

To give help, visit

To volunteer, visit

To donate:

For individuals:

For corporations: 


Posted Sunday, October 2, 2022

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