Brianna’s story

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Brianna, a young mom of two, faced a daunting crisis but had no place to go. It was late August, and the shelters were full. She had no one she could call for help. She could let the state take her children into foster care, but she grew up in foster care and didn’t want that for her babies.

The Florida Department of Children and Families called Better Together. If we couldn’t help, the children would have to go into the state system.

When we met Brianna, we could see that she wanted to be the best mom she could be. She just needed some guidance and support, a community to wrap around her and walk alongside her.

Better Together found a volunteer host family to care for the children while mom got to work on a plan.

Brianna, smiling wide, holds her two children, one on each hip.
Brianna reunited with her two children October 12.

In just 50 days, Brianna got two jobs, found child care for her littles and moved into her new home. On October 12, Brianna reunited with her children.

She didn’t do this alone. We didn’t do this alone.

Brianna had a community of support, and three days after her reunification, that community celebrated her accomplishments. On Sunday, October 15, BreadBreakers Church threw a surprise housewarming/reunification party for her, complete with gifts and a car, giving her the reliable transportation she needs to sustain her success.

In these two short months, Brianna accomplished this and much more. She interrupted a cycle that often happens with children who grow up in foster care. She set her family on a path to a stronger, brighter future.

Thank you to all who walked, and continue to walk, alongside Brianna and her babies.

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