Mom. … Mighty Joy

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A week-long series exploring motherhood

A mother’s joy is a mighty joy. It has to be.

A daughter injured in a basketball game needs to know everything will be okay. A heartbroken son must learn that hurt doesn’t last always. The void created by the loss of a father has to be filled.

But sometimes, mothers need a mother’s joy.

When Better Together shared its mission at Abby Fuller’s church, she looked at her husband Isaac to see if he also felt the call to help. For a while, Abby had “cried out to God” to learn if she was meant to have more children. She wasn’t. Should they become foster parents? No.

The Fuller family hosts 5-year-old twins Chrniyah and Janiyah.

On that Sunday in church, Isaac felt the call to help too. “This is it,” they said.

After praying over their decision and completing screening, Abby, Isaac and their children, Noelle and Troy, became a host family.

“Helping someone do something they can’t do on their own is what brings me joy,” Abby says of standing in the gap for the mothers that Better Together helps.

Presently, Abby and the family are caring for 5-year-old twins Chrniyah and Janiyah, while Better Together helps their mother find work and housing.

With their joy rooted in Christ, truth and the human dignity of every person, Abby and her family hope to continue sharing the gift of joy until mothers and their children are reunited in love.


Chrniyah and Janiyah


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Mom. A week-long series exploring motherhood


Posted May 9, 2024 | Moments & Story by Kinfay

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