Mom. … A working title

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A week-long series exploring motherhood

Erin lives a different life now.

The one she lived before was missing a meaningful piece. She found it at a Better Together job fair.

But, she had to work to get there.

Healing from a relationship and its end, Erin and her kids moved from New Jersey to Bonita Springs to live with her mother in February 2023.

Erin gave her all to caring for Onyx and Lynx as she healed. The FGCU graduate walked dogs to earn money. On days when healing was hard, Erin leaned on her mother. Friends inspired her to keep moving forward. In time, Erin learned to stand tall again.

Then in March of this year, the meaningful piece missing from Erin’s life presented itself.

“It was so magical. Everyone had this energy to help,” Erin said of the job fair. She was hired on the spot by a nonprofit that helps underserved kids in Southwest Florida. The job aligns with Erin’s dream of opening a nonprofit that helps women and kids.

Though excited for her meaningful work, raising Onyx and Lynx to be loving, humble and gentle human beings is her greatest work effort.

“I get to create their childhood. It’s scary, so special, exhausting, but such a gift,” Erin said while chasing butterflies in a park with Onyx and Lynx.


Erin with her children Onyx and Lynx



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Mom. A week-long series exploring motherhood


Posted May 8, 2024 | Moments & Story by @kinfay

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