Better Work

Unleashing peopleís potential through employment and opportunity

People were made to work. When people work, they are less likely to:

Abuse a substance


Abuse a spouse

Suffer from clinical depression

Without work, people experience discouragement and isolation, which make people forget how valuable they are.

Thatís why we, through the power of the local Church, create unique and encouraging environments where job seekers can be at their best when they meet employers.


Better Together job fairs are not like any other job fair you may have attended.

Our job fairs are church-powered events where hundreds of job seekers work with volunteer job coaches and prepare to meet 20 to 40 employers who are there to make meaningful connections.
Better Together events are about relationships, not passing out flyers. Many of our employer partners hire people or conduct interviews on the spot. We celebrate every hire, interview, and connection as the miracle it is. Ask us how. Talking about our celebration-based culture is one of our favorite things.