A unique opportunity for churches to help those in need

When someone loses their job, we’ve seen that it creates more problems than just a lack of income. It throws off their stability and creates one new crisis after another.

And for millions of people around the country, those issues are in addition to other problems, like isolation, an abusive partner, traumatic past experiences, or a prior conviction that keeps them from working in the future.

It has been shown that without a stable job and supportive community, these people are far more likely to suffer depression, abuse, addiction, divorce, and eviction.

But there is a solution – and it involves the local church.

How Does Better Work Help?

After working with families on the Better Families side, we wanted to help solve some of the root causes of why families go into seasons of crisis in the first place. We found that 76% of the families we served came to us because of an economic need, somehow tied to unemployment.

That realization launched our Better Work program.

Better Work is a program that equips local churches to run a community job fair right where it’s needed most. Community job fairs are a proven tool which equips churches to reach people, 60% of whom are unchurched, who are struggling through some of life’s most significant problems and offer them a valuable service – access to employers who will view them as human beings – and a community of loving volunteers who will encourage and support them to discover the dignity that comes with work.

This is a unique opportunity for churches to help those in need in a highly practical way, especially when only 2% of American churches have an unemployment ministry.

  • It’s Good for Job Seekers
  • It’s Good for Churches
  • It’s Good for Businesses

Over 17,000 People Served Nationwide

Want to Get Involved?

Connect with us to hear about how your church can partner with us and serve your community through a job fair.