Empowering People through Better Families and Better Jobs

Once, extended families lived together, neighbors looked after each other, and the “safety net” referred to people, not governments.

Today, for many families, those support systems have crumbled.

The nonprofit Better Together has glued them back together and created an innovative, community-based approach to preventing child neglect, guiding parents in distress, and—most critically—keeping families together. Through mentoring, job assistance, and voluntary child placement, parents can stabilize their families well before law enforcement, courts, and the foster care system are called to intervene. The approach is simple: Parents volunteer to get help, community members volunteer to give help, and Better Together’s professionally trained staff ensures everyone is laser-focused on the children. The organization is supported entirely through private donations, and host parents receive no financial compensation. They open their homes simply because they know: It takes a village to raise a child.

Based in Naples, FL Better Together’s Better Families program serves residents throughout Southwest, Florida while its Better Jobs program is quickly spreading throughout the nation, thanks to a network of Churches. Together, the two initiatives provide a powerful platform for parents ready to enact positive change and committed to providing a loving, safe, and supportive foundation for their children.

Two Programs, One Mission

Better Families:
An Alternative to Foster Care

Since 2015, Better Families has provided temporary homes to more than 2,500 children. Supported entirely through private donations and compassionate volunteers, the Better Families program has a 100% success rate of reunifying these children with their parents. Furthermore, 98% of them don’t require any future state intervention.

Better Jobs:
Solving the Root of the Problem

When the Better Together team realized 76% of our families came to us because of an economic hardship tied to unemployment, we knew we had to address the root of the problem and created Better Jobs to help. Thanks to a network of 150+ church partners across the United States, Better Jobs has helped nearly 28,000 job seekers find employment.

Discover the power of Better Together

A woman kissing a little boys cheek.

Kyrstal and her son, Jack, 1, recently moved from Pennsylvania to Fort Myers, Florida, in search of a better life. But, despite her best efforts, Kyrstal is struggling to find a safe place to live with Jack.

Aware of Kyrstal’s crisis, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) recommended she reach out to Better Together for help.

“I know he is going to be safe,” Kyrstal said of her decision to allow a Better Together host family to care temporarily for Jack.

With support from Better Together, Kyrstal has begun her journey toward creating a better life and bringing her baby boy home. Baby Jack is currently being hosted with a family through our Better Families program. His brave mommy, Kyrstal, is working hard to create a better life for them on the other side.

What People Are Saying About Better Together

Host Family Highlight: The Bechtle Family

“We want to teach our kids a lot of things, gratefulness for what they have, we want to teach them what the world is really like, teach them what love looks like and it’s often hard to find something that you can do to show them that.” -Jonathan Bechtle, Host Dad

Find Out How You Can Get Involved

We are a privately funded organization that survives by the support of our community supporters, volunteers, and local businesses. You can help be part of the solution to serve at-risk families and help bring restoration to those in need.

Get Help

If You Need Help, We’re Here.

Through our Better Jobs program, you can get connected to job coaches that will help give you guidance, support, and encouragement. Through our job fairs, you can get connected to career opportunities through our employment partners. Sign up below to receive information on upcoming events and coaching opportunities.

Through our Better Families program, we assist families going through a temporary crisis or a struggle that is making it difficult for them to care for their children or get ahead. Through our community volunteers, we offer the ability to get temporary assistance while you get the help you need.