Meet Our Team

We are a creative and compassionate team of problem solvers

Our team shares a joint vision to engage the faith community in preventative family care, by keeping children safe and empowering adults to realize their full potential. We harness the support that local communities can provide to families in need to help them overcome crises, find work and escape poverty. In less than three years, our model has already served more than 15,000 people in 10 different states.
And we're just getting started...

Terry Hartz

Engagement Director

Terry and her husband Brian are both proud Collier County natives, and they have two children, Karsen (12) and Parker (9). Terry and her family love SEC football, baking, and taking trips to Disney World. Her favorite Disney attraction is Rock N Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios.

Terry graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. After graduating she went right into social work and she has since dedicated the past 14 years to serving the children and families in Florida’s child welfare system.

She is most passionate about presenting Better Together to community providers, so they can share this beautiful option with their clients. She loves our placing parents and enjoys watching their families become whole.

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Selena Hinsdale

Family Coach Coordinator

Through her own life experiences as a child and young adult, Selena understands that life can throw curveballs that can cause a downward spiral into hopelessness. She believes that people can come back from devastating circumstances stronger than they ever thought possible. Her own personal journey allows her to feel empathy for families in crisis.

Selena brings 15 years of experience to her role at Better Together. With experiences in the government and non-profit sectors, she has gained extensive knowledge in substance abuse, mental health, and child welfare.

Selena is a wife, mother of two, and grandmother to one Indiana Jones. She enjoys spending as much time as she can with her family and her two dogs. She believes her family is one of her greatest accomplishments.

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Leah Hughey

Better Work Executive Director

Leah Hughey loves Jesus, her husband Jason, their potato-shaped dog Scotty, and words. She is a voracious reader and a writer. If you've ever met her, you also know she talks a lot.

Leah launched our Jacksonville site in November of 2016 because she passionately believes churches, communities, and individuals can solve messy social problems when they work together. Like the rest of our team, Leah believes the Church is the embodiment of Christ, whose earthly ministry addressed both spiritual and physical needs. She loves stepping back and watching our partner churches do just that.

In her spare time, Leah hosts a book club, drinks tea, rides her bicycle around the neighborhood to look for dogs she can pet, and pretends she is watching football with her husband. Leah and her hubby are expecting their first baby, a little boy, this summer.

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Isis LaRose

Outreach Director

Isis loves spending time with her husband, Danny and their two boys, Asher and Ayden. She always has something planned to do with them, including Disney, Universal, and Islands of Adventure. She also loves to party plan, and everyone enjoys her get togethers, even when her husband says she is “going overboard!”

Prior to joining Better Together, Isis worked in the medical field for 16 years. She has always had a passion for helping others, but it wasn't until being introduced to Better Together, and becoming a host family, that she realized her passion for helping families in need.

In the last 15 months, her family has hosted 11 children. Her husband and children are just as committed as she is in this ministry and share in the joy of being able to care for children while their families maneuver through crisis. Better Together is a way her whole family serves together.

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Megan Rose

Chief Executive Officer

Megan loves her husband Mason, one of the greatest blessings in her life, and their two precious children, Brady and Ellie.

Megan has a story with its own challenges and beautiful redemption. Growing up, she saw the power-loving strangers have to change the trajectory of a family in a difficult season. Since then, she has dedicated her life and career to the calling of strengthening families and reminding people of their dignity, worth, and value. Megan has a wealth of education, over ten years of dedicated experience in social services, and a great passion for this important work.

Megan has an undergraduate degree from Liberty University in Psychology and a Master's in Human Services with a dual concentration in Executive Leadership and Family and Group Dynamics.

Megan’s family hosts children in their home and approaches this ministry together. They are a team, and her family supports her wonderful adventure as the leader of Better Together. She feels blessed to have them behind her and to be a part of a team of talented, passionate individuals who love people and wants to help equip the faith community.

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