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Kids running and dancing under a fire hose spray. Popsicle-stained lips and tongues in orange, purple, and blue. Smiles and giggles.

“This was just what the doctor ordered,” said Jason Taylor, who brought his three kids. “Good!” and “Great!” declared the kids.

Some 30 children took part in the water and frozen treat fun at our Popsicles in the Park event on Saturday at Clemente Park in Fort Myers.

Parents joined the fun, too, recalling their own childhood “slip-and-slides.”

Another trio of siblings raced back to mom for a break and kisses. “Man, that water was cold!,” exclaimed 5-year-old Markel as he grabbed a towel. His sister Mikayla, 9, said, “It felt like it was raining.”

We love how a simple day in the park can leave body, mind, and soul refreshed and full of joy.

We’re grateful for the Fort Myers Fire Department. You made our day! “When we’re a part of the community, we can better serve the community,” Chief Tracy McMillion said.

Keep an eye on our calendar for more fun events in the coming weeks.



Posted June 29, 2024 | Moments by Kinfay, Written by Pamela

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