Serving and protecting families

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Better Together actively works with law enforcement to be a resource for helping families in crisis.

Isis LaRose, our VP of Strategic Partnerships, is riding with Fort Myers Police Department officers as part of our efforts to equip them to share Better Together programs.

VP of Strategic Partnerships Isis LaRose rides with Fort Myers Police Department officers.

They’ve encountered parents who need support, families experiencing homelessness, and single parents facing short-term incarceration. One dad needed support when the mom of his kids faced jail time. We were able to help in that moment and connect him with a mentor to help navigate the family’s challenges moving forward.

We’re also building relationships with law enforcement across the state. These vital collaborations put Better Together where the need is greatest and allows us to empower parents to work through crises.

Story by Pamela & Moments by Kinfay / Better Together

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Join us for a 33-hour campaign dedicated to raising money and awareness for nonprofit organizations doing good in Marion County. Fundraising kicks off today and ends at 7 p.m. tomorrow.