Fast Facts on Second Chance Employment

  • Employment is a significant factor in curbing recidivism and increasing public safety: A Bureau of Justice study found that three of every four released prisoners were re-arrested within five years. Eighty-nine percent of those re-arrested were unemployed.
  • More and more companies are extending second chances: About two-thirds of HR professionals say their company has experience hiring workers with criminal records.
  • Second Chance candidates make good employees: More than 80% of managers and two-thirds of HR professionals feel that the value workers with criminal records bring to the organization is as high as or higher than that of workers without records.

Benefits To Your Company

  • The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals…who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.” This includes neighbors who have been incarcerated.
  • The federal government also offers free fidelity bonds to companies hiring high risk candidates, including those who have a prior conviction.
  • On the state level, some states provide additional tax credits, training funds, and even partial wage reimbursement.

Specific Opportunities To Get Involved

Attend a Job Fair as an Employer

We invite you to participate in a job fair in your city, connecting with and hiring candidates.

For more information, or to express interest in a fair near you, fill out the form below and a local representative will get in touch with you.

The church host in your city will inform you when official employer registration opens for the Nationwide Day of Second Chances. Please note that each fair location will have a different registration fee for joining the local job fair. Businesses can either select to pay that registration fee and join as a participant, or select an event sponsorship level for additional benefits.

Sponsor an Upcoming Job Fair

If your company isn’t able to extend second chances, but you believe in this work, then we encourage you to consider sponsoring a second chance job fair in your city.

For companies who can extend second chances, and plan to join us at a second chance job fair, you can also sponsor the event you’re attending. This will give your business a marketing boost and special placement on advertising.

Sponsorship levels are $500, $250, or $150 with different benefits for each level. To learn more or to sign up to sponosor an upcoming Second Chance Job Fair, get the details below.