Our model in action.

Through our better families program, we help connect vulnerable families to safe, loving and compassionate volunteers. Together, we keep children safe, families together and give them the support they need to work through their crisis.
We received a referral for a family that had lost their jobs and were evicted from their home. With a two-year-old son, Zander, they were about to become homeless. When they reached out to our Better Families program, we were able to connect them to a volunteer host family that was willing to care for their son while they took the time they needed to obtain employment and secure housing for their family.

During the temporary hosting, Better Families provided coaching, guidance, and support to his parents, working to help them obtain jobs, create a budget, and once they had enough money saved, obtain housing. His parents were able—and encouraged—to visit their son and form a relationship with the host family.

Within 90 days, Zander’s parents were able to achieve their goals: with a safe place to call home, they were ready to be reunified with their son. The encounter will forever change this family’s life—they now have a healthy community that will continue to support and love them.