Letter from a mom to Better Together supporters

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As a single mother of two young girls, few things are scarier than learning you need surgery and not knowing where to turn for desperately needed help. An endless stream of worried thoughts filled my mind. How will the procedure go? Will recovery take a long time? And who will make sure my daughters are cared for?

In some ways, the last question was the most daunting, and I felt stuck. I’m new to Florida, unfortunately can’t rely on my children’s father, and don’t have family around to help. I was facing a seemingly impossible hurdle, and not knowing how my girls would have their daily needs met added to the stress of a situation that was already difficult before my health took a turn.

But my life was transformed when I connected with Better Together. I was immediately offered, with so much love and concern, the resources I needed to make sure my daughters, who are eight and ten years old, are not only cared for but are part of a community invested in their growth, comfort, and health. Better Together has been a blessing that provided me with critical resources and peace of mind as I face numerous health issues and the challenges of single motherhood.

I can say with certainty, post-surgery and potentially facing four additional procedures, that without the resources, community, and host families Better Together has provided, my daughters would be in foster care today. Not only have we avoided that thanks to Better Together’s programs, my girls are now thriving with the help of role models who provide the stable situation they’ve long lacked.

My journey hasn’t been easy. But I thank God every day for Better Together because, through generous supporters like you, they’ve blessed my life in ways I could never have imagined.

When you’re a single mother in a difficult domestic and financial situation, you want nothing more than to do what’s best for your children. And what I’ve learned from tough experience is that it simply can’t be done alone.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support. It has made all the difference in me and my daughters’ lives. And I know, ever since being connected to this incredible community, that my story is just one of thousands. Your support is blessing the lives of so many in indescribable, transformational ways.

With gratitude,


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