Better Together puts into practice the adage about needing villages to raise children. In Jack’s case, a host family, newlyweds Ryan and Chelsea, has taken him in. Like most Better Together volunteers, the couple isn’t rich in finances, but they are wealthy in spirit. Community members help meet Jack’s needs, offering toys, diapers, gift cards, and the like.

With Ryan and Chelsea nurturing her child, Kyrstal has the much-needed time to address her challenges and improve her situation. The couple—and the rest of the Better Together team—cheer her on. Although new to Fort Myers, Kyrstal has found herself thrust into an extended family, the very best kind of safety net.

While Kyrstal works hard to create a safe home for baby Jack, his father–who has recently re-entered Jack’s life–is also fighting for the stability and health he needs to step in and be the father Jack deserves. Jack’s dad knows what it takes to lead a family, and he is prepared to do the hard work. The safety net which has surrounded Kyrstal is now welcoming him in too. Our prayer is that, very soon, this family will be whole again.

Unlike the foster care system, this arrangement is voluntary, personal, and empowering. Ryan and Chelsea, along with Kyrstal’s volunteer coach and our professional team, remain in daily contact with Kyrstal. It is this community effort that, hopefully, will strengthen this little family and lead to the happy ending we pray for for every family we serve.

Help Support Kyrstal and Jack

There are several ways you can help support Kyrstal and Jack. If you would like to donate baby supplies, diapers, etc. you can purchase directly from the Amazon registry below.

To sign up to send the host family a meal, click the button below and it will pull up an email to Isis LaRose and you can coordinate with her (

If you would like to send an encouraging note or card to those involved, or a gift card, bus pass, or donation to Kyrstal, you can mail them directly to Better Together at 15275 Collier Blvd. Suite 201-284, Naples, FL 34119

Help Us Serve More Families Like Kyrstal & Jack

  • $1,300 Keeps one child out of foster care
  • $500 Helps cover the cost of Summercamp 
  • $250 Helps us onboard one volunteer Host Family
  • $100 Helps cover the cost of basic needs for a child in the program
  • $25 Helps parents with transportation to find work
Two women holding small children.