For those living paycheck to paycheck and struggling without a support system to help, a single setback can spiral into a disaster, whether that’s a job loss, illness, eviction, or substance use that’s spiraled into abuse. If children are involved, looking for help can feel risky. Will the kids land in foster care? Will the state deem the parent an unfit caregiver?

If you’ve made it far enough to find us, there is hope. Better Together pledges to build a support network around you and your family—without judgment and without taking away parents’ rights to make decisions regarding their children. The organization’s innovative Better Families and Better Jobs programs arm parents with the tools they need to get their lives back on track while offering voluntary child placement for those who want it.

Together, we can work toward a solution that keeps your family together. Follow the links below to get help for your family or to refer another family to Better Together. Or call our 24/7 hotline: (239) 470-2733

Together, we can work toward a solution that keeps your family together.

The Better Together Promise

  • We will not judge you.
  • We will never take custody of your children, or do anything without your consent.
  • We will cheer for your success like you are family.
  • We will not help you once and then disappear.
  • We will help you regain independence in every way we can.
  • We will remind you that everyone has God-given potential in this world.
  • We will always look for solutions that keep your family together.

How Can We Help?

Our programs serve thousands of children and families in southwest Florida and nationwide.

Better Families

Serving families in southwest Florida

In this program, we connect you with caring volunteers in your local community. These trained and vetted helpers will provide you with mentorship through the challenges you are facing. They will also offer to host your children, on a temporary basis, in a safe and loving home while you regain control over your life.

Unlike foster care, your children’s lives will be minimally interrupted during this time – they can keep attending their schools, hanging out with friends, and contacting you any time they want. When you’re ready to pick them up, you simply pick them up. No questions asked or approvals needed.

It is our hope that program alumni and volunteers will keep in touch and maintain supportive friendships for life.

Get HelpRefer a Family

Or call our 24/7 hotline: (239) 470-2733

Better Jobs

Empowering people nationwide

Through job fairs hosted right in your community, Better Jobs connects you with local employers and job coaches who will not rest until you get back to work.

These are not traditional job fairs. The doors are open to people of all ages, genders, races, religions, and levels of education. We don’t look for individuals who check all the right boxes and look best on paper.

These are church-powered events helping neighbors find jobs in a setting of kindness and celebration. If you have a barrier to employment, we have a way to knock it down.

Local businesses often conduct interviews and hire people on the spot. Keep showing up, because the next conversation can change your life.

Attend a Job FairMeet Our Families