Fathers help young father and family…

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Phil called for help, unsure if anyone would answer.

The home he lived in with his pregnant wife and two kids in Bradenton was deemed an environmental hazard by the Florida Department of Children and Families in late May. There was too much in the manufactured home. Phil’s family went to his parents’ house. He stayed and began putting things right.

Joshua Braemer, Dylan Kaplon and Juan Fernandez listen with their hearts.

So, when they learned of Phil’s plight from Better Together, they went to see the young father. Phil courageously shared his story and shame. Being fathers and having stumbled in life, they understood and promised to help.

Joined by staff and volunteers, the group filled dumpsters, secured walls and rebuilt floors with donated supplies.

There is more work to do.

Yet, Phil is grateful for the Christlike love, wisdom and mentoring he and his family receive from Josh, Dylan, Juan and Better Together.

“They saw me at my lowest and helped. I’ve learned not to be scared to ask for help,” said Phil.

Once home repairs are finished, Phil and his family want to join @btogetherorg in serving families and communities.

“We’re going to go and volunteer. For sure.”

( Moments & Story by @kinfay / @btogetherorg )

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