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‘Mama, we can make room,’ a child’s perspective on hosting with Better Together


By Mellissa Foster

Executive Director of Church Relationships


I recently read a devotion about being on mission. Since then, I have been processing and thinking about what that means for not only myself, but for my family as well.

Portrait of Mellissa Foster
Mellissa Foster

The devotion reminded me of something my oldest son said that resonates deep in my heart daily. Every time we accept a hosting, we always check with our kids beforehand to see how they feel. We like to include our children in this decision because we know it affects them as well. On this particular day, I asked my children how they felt about bringing home a 7-month-old baby. My oldest son looked at me with his big brown eyes and he said, “Mama, we can make room. What can I do to help you?”

At that moment I could see the sincerity in my son’s heart and his concern for a complete stranger that he hadn’t met. I truly saw a glimpse of Jesus right there in my kitchen. At the time he was only 7 years old. His words rang so true in my ears. “Yes sweetie, you are right, we can make room.” Children have a way of simplifying things whereas adults like to overthink, over complicate, and question God‘s desires.

Throughout the next few months, I saw countless sacrifices my children made while adapting to the new baby in our home. I watched my children help with bath time, make bottles and clean up toys. I watched them laugh and play without hesitation or expectation of what was to come. Their hearts expanded and they gave and received love so easily with this new baby in our home. This reminded me of the unconditional and unshakable love Jesus has for each and every one of us.

It can be a scary thought to accept a complete stranger into your home. But when we remember that God desires to use us for His purposes, we know it is ultimately Him who touches the lives of these children and parents. I can breathe a little easier knowing the burden is lifted from me and I can give it to God. Being able to model scripture to our children in such an impactful way is worth the short-term sacrifice of being “comfortable.” Jesus himself modeled the perfect servant. In Mark 10:45 Jesus tells us that He came to serve. If we can have this attitude toward families and children in crisis and begin to serve them with unconditional love, I truly believe our community and world will change for the better.

Better Together not only meets the immediate need of shelter and food, but we also meet the long-term need of having a support system that is continual and consistent. It is life changing for families in crisis to meet them right where they are, to show them needed resources, and to have a support system through the local church. We each have a unique role to play, and we are just as valuable as the next. We need to take ownership of the influence that we have, and always look for ways to love the people closest to us as well as those around us. God has entrusted us to be exactly who we are for such a time as this.

Knowing our mission as a family and following the path God has placed in front of us is the greatest gift we can give our children. When you become a host family with Better Together, whether you host one child or 30 children, you are changing the trajectory of generations to come. Better Together gives us each an opportunity to love and care for amazing children and families.

We now have a choice to make. Better Together has created a path of love; are we going to step onto it with them? Will we allow God to use our families to change the lives of those in crisis? My family chooses love and to always “make room.” What do you choose?

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Posted March 31, 2023

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