Families in bloom

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Gabron moved from Pennsylvania to Southwest Florida with a plan. Find work and a place to live with his 15-year-old son, BeBe.

He found work. But an affordable place was out of reach. They stayed in hotels until money ran low. Shelter space for a single father with a teen was nonexistent. Gabron’s truck would have to do. The heat was unforgiving. They endured until they couldn’t.

Gabron reached out for help.

BeBe and Isis

“I thought I was going to an orphanage for the most part. I didn’t really know about it,” said BeBe of Better Together.

But when BeBe arrived at the home of Danny and Isis LaRose, he quickly realized it wasn’t an orphanage. He thought Danny and Isis were cool. Their sons, Asher and Ayden, were cooler.

Isis enrolled BeBe in school. Danny, Asher and Ayden helped him acclimate to the family’s rhythm. Up early for school, sports practice, homework, dinner, then playing with the neighborhood kids until bedtime. BeBe’s quiet, responsible and loving manner endeared him to all.

Knowing BeBe was safe, Gabron worked more shifts, saved money and stayed in regular contact with BeBe. Sixty days later, Gabron and BeBe were reunited in their own apartment.

But that’s not the end of the story.

The loving relationship between BeBe, Gabron and the LaRose family is only getting stronger. Especially between BeBe, Asher and Ayden.

“The boys became brothers. They talk, text, play video games and hang out all the time,” said Isis. Asher will be going to BeBe’s high school in the fall.

Isis cherishes the boys’ relationship and encourages other families to experience the joy of helping teens and their parents.

“It’s so meaningful,” said Isis. “And so much fun.”

Moments & Story by Kinfay / Better Together
Pamela Hayford contributed

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