10,000 people are released each week from US prisons.

The “Nationwide Day of Second Chances” will hold hundreds of simultaneous job fairs nationwide in urban areas with historically high rates of incarceration and unemployment. Our goal is to serve 50,000 returning job seekers in a single day. Our networks of church volunteers, local businesses, and nonprofits will band together to connect thousands of returning citizens with job opportunities.

Our Job Fair Model
These are not traditional job fairs. We train and support churches nationwide to help neighbors find work in a setting of compassion, grace, and celebration.

What will it take to kick start new lives for 50,000 neighbors?


Nationwide Day of Second Chances

When: April 30, 2020

Where: 100+ Cities across America

What: Second Chances Job Fairs

Who: Volunteers, churches, employers, and neighbors seeking a second chance

Get Involved

  • You Can Volunteer: Sign up below to find the closest job fair and help on the big day)
  • You Can Share: Connect on social media and share with your networks so everyone you know can either celebrate with others or kickstart their own second chance
  • Your Church Can Lead a Job Fair: Sign up below here to receive an informational email about how your church can step up and lead the Day of Second Chances in your city.
  • Partner Nonprofits, Employers, & Other Agencies Can Support: Sign up below to stay informed and join your city’s coalition.

Together We Can

  • Reduce recidivism

  • Help families and communities recover form the cost of incarceration

  • Restore dignity to returning citizens

  • Unleash people’s potential through

Learn More About How You Can Get Involved

Fill out the form below to express interest in being part of the movement. Someone from our team will be able to answer any questions you have as well as give you details on the training sessions and scope.