Better Togetherís employer network comprises over 500 companies, across all levels and industries, who are our heroes.


Woman at Job Fair

Meet Justine:


“My team and I do interviews on the spot and usually leave with at least 3 management hires and many crew spots referred to the neighborhood stores. These people are amazed that we interview and hire right there. Premier Kings comes to make an impact. We offer real opportunities to people looking for an open door. We offer training and experience they can use anywhere they go in life.

I started my job as a cashier in a restaurant in a very small town in Michigan. Now I oversee 17
restaurants and 3 other Area Directors. I did this all through hard work and personal determination. If I can advance so can you!

Thank you to the people of Better Together for their dedication to the people of Jacksonville. Their
mission has become my mission.”


Partnering with us is simple:

      • Find an event near you.
      • Sign up
      • Attend our events with the genuine desire to connect with people
      • Attend our events only if job seekers are able to start earning a wage right away and donít need to pay an upfront cost to start working with you
      • Commit to trying, at each job fair, to take one more step in your hiring process than you ever have before. Sound scary? It isnít. It creates more value for you and the job seekers youíre excited about. Trust us, weíve seen it.
      • Come back again and again, hiring neighbors until everyone is better off and better together.