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Better Together Job Fairs Have Brought Together

Over 500 Businesses, Nationwide.

Here are a few of our past partners:

Community Job Fair Employer Partner

“My team and I do interviews on the spot and usually leave with at least three management hires and many crew spots referred to the neighborhood stores. These people are amazed that we interview and hire right there. Premier Kings comes to make an impact. We offer real opportunities to people looking for an open door. We offer training and experience they can use anywhere they go in life. Thank you to the people of Better Together for their dedication. Your mission has become my mission.” 

-Justine, Premier Kings, a Burger King Franchisee.

Second Chance Job Fair Employer Partner

I met John at a second chance job fair. He presented himself well and stated the job fair was the first time anyone would talk to him. After interviewing him a day or two later, I presented his resume to one of our clients. I called John at the client’s request, to ask him if he wanted to learn the fire alarm trade. When presented with this opportunity, I could hear the smile in his voice over the phone. I have hired several people through the second chance program, this is one that stands out to me and a success story I share often.” 

-Brad from RAMS