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The Better Together team is seeking a Donor Outreach Manager to oversee the organization’s efforts to build new relationships and find new financial supporters. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who loves the challenge of creating a brand-new relationship, enjoys managing systems and structures, and who can be persistent and disciplined in pursuing a goal.

The Donor Outreach Manager will have full authority to create and manage Better Together’s prospecting strategy and process with the goal of creating a system that continually brings new donors into the organization, especially major donors. He or she will be able to put their best ideas to the test for how to generate promising leads, research potential donors, create the initial touch points with them, and convert them into long-term financial partners.

Unlike many development shops, prospecting management is not just a support role or focused solely on tasks like direct mail. It comes with ownership of an extremely important piece of the fundraising process and is focused on all levels of donors, with a special emphasis on the most important financial partners.

The Donor Outreach Manager will not be responsible for making major gift asks or for cultivating Better Together’s current donors, but he or she will work hand-in-hand with Better Together’s CEO to set her up for success in key meetings with new donor prospects.

An ideal candidate will have three to five years of relevant experience and a track record of successfully marketing an organization to high capacity financial partners or investors. He or she will be persistent and professional—willing to keep working on a relationship even when it doesn’t immediately bear fruit, or when there is initial rejection. He or she will enjoy research and have no fear of making introductory calls or meeting new people at events.


Success at Better Together depends not only on a person’s skills, but also on their ability to fit the culture of Better Together. If you answer “yes” to all the following questions, then you may be a fit for the team if your skill sets match the requirements below. The vast majority of those who don’t get hired or don’t last at Better Together are due to a lack of fit with these values, so they really matter. Be prepared to have very candid conversations about them in our interview process.

  • Do you have strong administrative skills? Detailed oriented and able to prioritize and manage multiple tasks at once?
  • Do you wholeheartedly agree with our mission and our belief that foster care is not always the best option for children and families (see Better Together website for a full description), and the true charity is a hand up and not a handout?
  • Are you good at working as a team to solve problem? That no job is beneath you and you are willing to help others as needed and be a team player?
  • Are you good at “reading the room” whether in person or on the phone to adapt your communication style to work well with people of diverse backgrounds?
  • Do you have strong written and verbal communication skills? Are you concise and articulate? Can you write strong letter’s, emails and copy edit as needed?
  • Are you quick on your feet? Respectful and calm in stressful situations. Able to work on a fast-paced team?
  • Do you enjoy a good challenge?
  • Do you tend to be the one who initiates conversations with colleagues, rather than waiting for them to come to you?
  • Do you seize opportunities to try new things or improve a skill that’s relevant to your company or role?
  • Are you able to build meaningful relationships (creating trust) with people you only see face-to-face a few times a year?
  • Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and do you have a practice of getting help from others to mitigate your weaknesses?
  • Does it bother you if others take all the credit for the work you do?
  • Are you okay with status quo? Or are you always trying to improve and do better?

The Donor Outreach Manager will have four primary roles:

  • Lead Outreach
  • Lead and Prospect Research
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Scheduling Prospect Meetings and Follow-Up

These roles break down into several responsibilities, including:

Lead Outreach
  • Manage strategy for lead acquisition
  • Run direct mail prospecting program
  • Create and manage direct referrals for gaining new leads
  • Create and manage donor prospecting events and strategies
  • Identify foundation leads
Lead & Prospect Research
  • Perform research on leads to identify likely prospects
  • Screen potential grantors for those with an interest Better Together’s business model and programs
  • Qualify prospects based on characteristics of Better Together’s best long-term investors
Conversion Strategies
  • Reach out to high value leads to build initial relationships
  • Educate prospects about Better Together’s programs and determine their level of interest
  • Seek introductory meetings with foundation gatekeepers and decision-makers
Scheduling Prospect Meetings & Follow-Up
  • Set up meetings for CEO and other designated closer’s with qualified prospects and foundations
  • Prepare CEO or closer with donor or foundation research prior to meetings
  • Manage follow-up from initial meetings, including submission of grant LOIs and proposals (financial and writing support is available from other staff)

Better Together is seeking to fill this position by October 1st, 2021. This is a full-time position. Better Together is headquartered in Naples, Florida but this is a remote position. The candidate must live within the state of Florida and able to travel as needed. Better Together offers salary and benefits that are very competitive, including a great culture with a dynamic team.

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