Churches impact lives on Nationwide Day of Second Chances

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Spring hiring event offers opportunities for job seekers and churches


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For seven months amid a pandemic, Gavin couldn’t find work. It strained his family and his marriage. He got sick, and it all triggered mental health issues. A church saved him—not by preaching but by connecting him to employers who understood his value, understood the value of second chances. The church had hosted a Better Together second-chance job fair where Gavin connected with a Fort Myers company whose owners have been praising his hard work ever since.

“If I hadn’t found the Better Together job fair, it’s hard to imagine where I’d be right now,” Gavin told us. “I’m certainly in a much better place mentally, and it’s just helped me out tremendously.”

We’re asking churches in Florida and across the country to join us in a day of second chances. April 20 is Nationwide Day of Second Chances, and we’re organizing background-friendly job fairs at churches across the country—all simultaneously giving hope to dads like Gavin and other job seekers in their communities.

Our mission is to end the foster care crisis. We started the Better Jobs program because for 76% of the families we help, their crises can be traced back to job loss.

It’s an excellent opportunity for churches to put Christ’s teachings into practice, to strengthen their community and to connect with neighbors.

“Our Nationwide Day of Second Chances aims to help job seekers overcome barriers by providing job coaching and resources to help them succeed in their search for employment,” said Megan Rose, CEO of Better Together. “The first step is connecting with churches in regions across the country who can host these inspiring in-person hiring events.”

To date, Better Jobs has helped 34,000 applicants connect with employment opportunities across 21 states.

The job fairs bring churches, volunteers, businesses and nonprofits together to support job seekers and help them rise above their challenges. These challenges, or barriers to employment, can include incarceration, homelessness and lack of transportation or child care.

The church-based job fairs not only connect job seekers with local employers who offer on-the-spot job opportunities, but also provide resources to facilitate stronger connections and more hires. Free one-on-one job coaching sessions are made available to job seekers to review resumes and interviewing skills, and additional services, such as free haircuts and clothing, are also often a part of the supportive event.

Nearly all job seekers leave with hope in their hearts as the Better Jobs model encourages celebration. One way that’s done is through the opportunity bell, which rings whenever anyone gets a job offer or interview.

The Better Jobs ministry provides churches step-by-step guidance to host these impactful job fairs. It’s designed for success. Two-thirds of attendees get a job interview, and nearly half receive a job offer on the spot.

Gavin certainly considers his experience a success. He even credits it with saving his marriage. “I have something I can be proud of. At the end of the day, I can come home and I’ve pulled my weight.”

Churches interested in hosting a Better Together job fair for Nationwide Day of Second Chances can visit for more information.

Our next training session is January 19, 2023, in Jacksonville, Florida.


Posted December 27, 2023

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