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Orphan Sunday - November 12, 2023

November 12 is a special day filled with the opportunity to make a real kingdom impact in the lives of vulnerable children. It’s called Orphan Sunday and we are asking your church to partner with us to bring awareness to the great need in our community and the solution that Better Together offers. Please feel free to use any of the following photos, graphics, videos and text in your communication.




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Established by the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Orphan Sunday is an annual day dedicated to raising awareness of the orphan’s plight and what churches, families and faith-based organizations are doing about it. The powerful, globally unified day of recognition, celebration and action will take place on Sunday, Nov. 12., when churches around the world will celebrate God’s heart for orphaned and vulnerable children.

For centuries, when children lost their parents, the church stepped in to help. Government-funded foster care programs didn’t come about until the early 1900s in the U.S. Since then, the church’s role has dwindled dramatically. Today, the Christian Alliance for Orphans aims to revive that role and encourage the faithful to help orphans and children in foster care.


Better Together is a nonprofit organization that helps parents who are going through a difficult time keep their children out of foster care, find work and address the root causes of their struggle so that they can reunite as a family with the tools and support system to thrive. The organization is privately funded, volunteer-driven and professionally supported. In the Better Families program, host families are available to care for children in their home while the parents work with a mentor to get back on their feet. To date, the program has served over 9,000 children. Over 98% of children served through mentoring and hosting have stayed out of foster care. The Better Jobs program was created to address the 76% of families who can trace their crisis to job loss. Through local church partners, the program provides supportive job fairs and job coaching.


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