Senior Family Support Manager for Southwest Florida – Sarasota/Charlotte/Lee County


The Better Together team seeks a Senior Family Support Manager to manage and directly support families in crisis through our Better Families Program in Collier, Lee, Hendry, Glades, Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, and DeSoto counties. He or she will direct all aspects of family support needs including evaluating the situation, matching families to approved volunteer host families, facilitating intakes, developing life goals and plans, and working with and advising host and/or mentor families to achieve successful reunification. This role would also include training and supporting additional Family Support Manager team members and interns in Florida.

An ideal candidate will have a Human Service-related degree and a Masters in Social Work working with vulnerable children and families. They should feel called to help children and families in crisis and share our passion for keeping children out of foster care and families together. They should have demonstrated skills in leadership, communication, organization, networking, coaching/training, and motivating volunteers and the community. He or she will be a self-starter who is comfortable working remotely with minimal supervision, has a demonstrated ability to analyze problems and find creative solutions, and thrives when challenged.


The people who consistently succeed at Better Together are those whose actions and behavior reflect our five core values. If you adhere to these values and answer “yes” to each of these questions, you may be a fit.

  1. Owners Mindset: You are invested in the outcomes of our mission.
    • Are you a self-starter who is able to take initiative in order to complete a task?
    • Do you often seek opportunities for professional growth?
  2. Choosing Gratitude: There are many things in life that can make us upset. Every day we have a
    choice to either be negative or give thanks.
  • Do you often go out of your way to help others?
  • Have you written a thank-you card in the last 30 days?
  • Are you a positive person who is more focused on opportunities instead of obstacles?
  • Love Others: We aim to love others like Christ loves us. Our hope is that our
    lives would be filled and overflowing with love, so that we can make a difference in this world.

    • Do people often say you are a good listener?
    • Do you make decisions based on what’s best for others over yourself?
    • Do you often find yourself looking for ways to make others feel empowered, important and appreciated?
  • Partnership-Oriented: Internal and external relationships are not transactional. That starts with
    our team members and the perspective that we need the rest of the team to succeed in order to win personally.

    • Are you comfortable creating your own structure for work, your own priorities, and creating clarity and a work
      plan from a broad goal?
    • Do you tend to be the one who initiates conversations with colleagues, rather than waiting for them to come to
  • The Sky is the Limit: We have a big vision at Better Together. No one on our team is counting
    hours or widgets. We are here to get results, and sometimes that will require going the extra mile or doing a job
    that isn’t technically ours.

    • Do you often set yourself audacious goals?
    • Do you wholeheartedly agree with our principles, which include that people’s lives are made better through
      work and that we can and will end the foster care crisis?

Be prepared to have very candid conversations about these values in our interview process.


The Family Support Manager is responsible for making decisions and taking actions appropriate to ensure that every child has a permanent home that provides physical and emotional safety. To ensure this occurs, Family Support Manager position has three main areas of focus:

  1. Talent Development and Support
  2. Assessment and Evaluation
  3. Matching and Support Plan Development
  4. Mentoring and Coaching

Talent Development and Support

  • Train. develop and support Family Support Managers (FSMs) and interns in Florida
  • Partner with universities and college social service departments to expand the talent pipeline
  • Participate in career fairs, presentations etc.

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Assess the needs and strengths of the parents, children, and volunteer families in order to make recommendations regarding the temporary and permanent placement of at-risk children.
  • Reach agreement with volunteer families on their strengths and interests in mentoring families seeking support, including hosting at-risk children.
  • Evaluate the needs for behavior changes and services required by families seeking support and make recommendations and take actions based on your independent assessment of the situation

Matching and Support Plan Development

  • Collaborate with other BT Regional Staff to match volunteer support families with families seeking support.
  • Develop an individualized Support Plan based on your assessment of the characteristics, strengths, and needs of both the volunteer helper families and help-seeking families.
  • Take appropriate actions to reach consensus with both families regarding the Support Plan and the general path forward for all parties.

Mentoring and Coaching

  • Provide ongoing mentorship and coaching to both volunteer and support-seeking families to ensure successful implementation of the Support Plan.
  • Offer guidance, resources, and support to facilitate positive interactions and progress towards agreed-upon goals.
  • Promote the development of social and personal competence.


  • Human service-related degree, and a Masters in Social Work or equivalent experience working with vulnerable children and families.
  • Valid Driver License; and
  • Must possess an operational private vehicle for use in the performance of daily work activities. Selected applicants are required to provide proof of vehicle registration and documentation of the appropriate insurance coverage.
  • This position will require night, weekend, and holiday work; including working on scheduled off duty days and various shifts. This position has also been designated as an essential position. Incumbents are expected to work during emergency situations or natural disasters and may be required to work before, during and beyond normal work hours/days.
  • Match Better Together’s core values (described above)
  • Technological requirements: Salesforce, Zapier, WordPress and Basecamp


Better Together seeks to fill this position as soon as possible. The job is full-time and will require work in the evenings and on weekends. In addition, Senior Family Support Managers participate in our on-call schedule rotation. Better Together is headquartered in Naples, Florida. The person filling this role must live in Sarasota, Charlotte, or Lee County and have the ability to travel throughout the region, which includes Collier, Lee, Hendry, Glades, Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, and DeSoto counties.

A majority of your work time in this role will be spent in the community, helping families. Individuals in this role must be comfortable functioning and making decisions in crisis situations. This can involve personally helping individuals relocate to safe spaces and transporting to a safe space. Additionally, individuals in this role will be expected to attend weekly in-person team meetings and discuss the status of their cases with the team. There also will be quarterly in-person team meetings during which goals will be set and you will be expected to make suggestions on how to seize new opportunities.


  • $64,000 – $68,000 Annual Salary
  • Sign-on bonus eligibility
  • Retention bonus eligibility
  • Relocation stipend eligibility

Better Together offers a competitive salary and benefits package, which includes a health benefit and generous paid leave plan. Please email a cover letter and resume to

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