Our vision is to creatively connect people who most need support, and are unlikely to attend church on a Sunday morning, with the body of Christ to meet their physical and spiritual needs.


job seekers line up to enter a job fair

2% of American churches offer a workforce ministry, while nearly 70% offer benevolence assistance.

So many church families offer to pay for electricity, car repairs, food, and other basic necessities because we all see pain and want to show compassion. We see needs and we want to meet them.

But what if the Church could provide families with a pathway out of poverty, and into financial independence, so those emergency needs are either very temporary or prevented entirely?

You can offer an employment empowerment ministry for your community, restoring hope and offering a practical way for all people to find the dignity that comes with work.



Employers set up for a Better Work job fair hosted by Church of Eleven22 in Jacksonville, FL.


We have partnered with over 50 churches in 10 cities to serve over 13,000 job seekersWe can help you do what they’ve done:


  • Open your doors on an afternoon when your space might otherwise be empty
  • Offer a job fair or neighborhood hiring event, where job seekers come to meet employers, receive encouragement from your church’s volunteers, and connect with non-profits and ministry organizations in your city who can serve them with needs beyond employment
  • Welcome hundreds of neighbors, around half of whom do not attend church, into your church to be encouraged by your people and guided to an employment opportunity which can change their lives
  • Show grace, compassion, and hospitality to a very diverse set of people, most of whom are 18 to 35 years old – in the demographic which is most quickly leaving the Church
  • Create opportunities, by offering a truly valuable service which meets a real need, to begin relationships which can lead to Gospel opportunities
  • Change your city’s perception of who the Church is and what it stands for


How does it work?

Our Better Work ministry takes our experience through running more than 60 job fairs across the country and boils it down into simple steps which any church family can follow to bless the community.

We offer training for staff and volunteers who take the lead with execution, step by step guides, all of the materials and templates you could ever need, and ongoing consultation to take you from “wouldn’t that be nice” to “let’s do that again!”

  • We will teach you to create a truly unique culture, which job seekers and employers will never have experienced at any job fair before, where grace and hospitality abound.
  • We will give you the tools needed to create real impact and immediate results for the people you serve.
  • Most importantly, Better Work will offer your church an opportunity to meet people you would never otherwise reach and share the Gospel – both in word and deed – in the context of authentic relationships, demonstrated empathy, and a real solution to a pressing, deeply felt need.


Want to learn more?

  1. Download this quick one-pager on the Better Work ministry.
  2. If you’re a church staff member, or an interested volunteer who might like to introduce this ministry to your church family, request a free informational packet here
  3. Check our schedule of upcoming trainings to find a location and date near you
  4. Apply for a training and we’ll connect with you one on one to get to know you, answer your questions, and make sure you’re prepared for a successful training experience.