Keeping Families Together and Children Out of Foster Care

Better Together was founded on the idea that people should have a hand up, not a handout. Truly helping those in need requires immediate assistance but it cannot stop there. Our mission is to reduce poverty through work and to protect children by strengthening their families. We want to radically transform society by empowering individuals, families, and communities through the unmatched power of the local church.

How do we do that? We leverage volunteers and Christian compassion to do what the government can never do. We help our neighbors get back to work and through life’s toughest crises such as homelessness, illness, jail, domestic violence or substance abuse, all the while keeping families together and helping them get stronger. We do this by organizing a market that connects the hurting with volunteer helpers who can provide love and hands-on support. The local church is our leverage point as we rapidly scale our proven programs to transform families, churches, communities, and, ultimately, our country.

Two Programs, One Mission

Better Families

Our Better Families program was founded first, as a way to offer families an alternative to foster care, as a preventative step, before things escalate. To date, we have served 1,600+ children through Better Families and have been able to keep 96% of the children we serve out of foster care.

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Better Jobs

Better Jobs was created when we realized 76% of our families came to us because of an economic hardship tied to unemployment. We wanted to offer a program which was even more preventative and would help us reach more families sooner. Since that time, we have served 16,000+ nationwide through community job fairs hosted at and by local churches.

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