A father’s heart…

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If a father’s strength is measured by his heart, Nick Day is strong.

How his heart grew strong is clear as day.

His mother and stepmother love him dearly.

Brittany, Nick’s wife and mother of his son, Carson, 3, brings out his nurturing side. She encourages him to grow. While serving in the Navy together, she urged Nick to continue his education. He earned a master’s degree.

But Nick’s father, Lamar, is his greatest influence.

He raised Nick like a Johnny Cash song. Tough. He taught him to work smart and hard. They had fun too. Once, while playing football, they crashed through a house wall. They tried hiding the damage from Nick’s stepmother. She wasn’t buying what they were selling. “We still talk about that to this day,” says Nick with a laugh.

Most of all, Lamar taught Nick to care for family. He also showed him how to open his heart to those in need.

So when the opportunity to be a Better Together host family was presented, Nick and Brittany volunteered. For Nick, being a host father is a chance to help kids and their families. “It’s super special to me — to be that person in their life that bridges the gap,” says Nick.

The Days have hosted three kids so far. Logan, 8, with hair like Patrick Mahomes, was the latest. He was reunited with his mother recently.

Nick, Brittany and Carson will be a family of four again soon. Brittany is pregnant with a baby girl.

Adeline Lynn Day is her name.

Nick Day is her father.


(Moment & Story by @kinfay / @btogetherorg )

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