A blanket can’t soften concrete. Sacrifice can.

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Several months ago, David’s struggle to find housing led him to live in a Jacksonville hotel with his three kids. He feared the Florida Department of Children and Families would intervene. They didn’t. They contacted Better Together.

Staff introduced David and his kids to volunteer host family Pastor Jason Reid and his wife, Jana, of Gardenview Baptist Church. The Reids opened their hearts and home to David’s kids. “How could we say no? We’ve been so blessed,” says Jana. Their hosting allowed David to get a job at AutoZone.

But finding housing is proving difficult. David’s criminal record and evictions are obstacles.

No one is giving up.

The Reids graciously extended their hosting, staff are urgently pursuing leads, and due to mandatory shelter hours conflicting with his work schedule, David sleeps on the streets to save money for rent.

Knowing his kids are safe softens David’s bed of concrete. Their pictures on his phone get him through the lonely nights. “I have faith that things are going to work out,” says David.

If you have a housing lead for David and his kids please contact us.

Call: 239-470-2733
Email: info@bettertogetherus.org

Homeless, but with his children safe in a host family’s home, David works to find housing for himself and his children.

Moments by Kinfay Moroti

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