3 great reasons to join our team

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We’re hiring! But we’re no ordinary work environment. Every Better Together team member is part of something bigger. We have impact. We’re growing. And we have a vibrant organizational culture that we intentionally put into practice every day. Three great reasons to work for Better Together.


We are ending the need for foster care—and you can be a part of that.

Our Better Families program comes alongside parents who are going through a difficult time and gives them the resources to thrive. While mentors and our professional staff work with parents, host families are available to care for the children, giving parents the time and space to do the hard work required to improve their situation. Hardships range from medical emergencies to addiction and incarceration.

We strive to address the root causes of each family’s situation, and so when we realized most of our families’ hardships could be traced back to job loss, we started Better Jobs. Our Better Jobs ministry leverages the power of the church to connect people who have barriers to employment to hiring managers who understand their value and potential.

We are not foster care. We are a solution to the foster care crisis. Better Together is volunteer-driven, professionally supported and 100% privately funded.

This is not just a chance to help individual families. We aim to be a model for social services nationwide. Working at Better Together is an opportunity to shape social services and foster care well into the future.

How many jobs so resoundingly help make the world a better place?


Better Together is growing. And that means you’ll have lots of opportunity to grow with us.

The organization started in 2015 in Naples, Florida, with one person on payroll and a desire to help families keep their children out of foster care. That year, we helped about a hundred kids. Today, we’ve served more than 4,000 children with our preventative programs, and we’ve had a 98% success rate in keeping children out of the foster care system. That’s about double the reunification rate of foster care in Florida.

In its first five years, Better Together expanded into Sarasota, Manatee, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Jacksonville. We’re now in 14 Florida counties. Our goal is to serve all of Florida and become a model for the entire nation.

As we grow, so grow opportunities for our staff. We have 16 team members, and we’re looking to add eight more full-time positions, from additional family care coordinators who provide families professional support to our development team who cultivate relationships with our generous donors. One of the most exciting additions is a new level of leadership with our regional executive directors. They’ll oversee operations in their region, making sure the program benefits families on the ground.

It’s exciting to work on the front lines of such growth. It’s a chance to flex your analytical and problem-solving muscles and hone your skills in a collaborative, supportive environment. The opportunities are limitless.


Growing organizations are fast-paced, exciting and collaborative. Better Together is that and more.

We take great care to develop a work culture where each team member feels welcome, supported and inspired. We value integrity, and we strive for excellence. We don’t see obstacles; we see opportunities. We believe there are no bounds to what we can do, and we look for that in our future team members.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a creative problem solver? Do you strive for excellence in all you do, even when no one sees your work? Do you have empathy and compassion for parents in crisis? Do you understand poverty and are you able to understand and appreciate other cultures? Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and do you practice getting help from others to mitigate those weaknesses?

If you answered yes to those questions, you could be our next valued team member. We encourage you to apply.


We have several opportunities here at Better Together:

  • West Central Region Family Care Coordinator
  • West Central Region Executive Director
  • Tampa Bay Region Executive Director
  • Southwest Florida Region Executive Director
  • Donor Outreach Manager (Connector)
  • Development Grant Manager
  • Better Jobs Executive Director
  • Sarasota/Manatee County Home Study Specialist

See our Careers page for details on each: https://bettertogetherus.org/career-opportunities.


Posted August 2, 2022 | Pamela Hayford

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