Hope Abounds at Third Brentwood Fair

It could have been just another Tuesday morning; there was nothing remarkable about the weather or the news. However, for 278 people who call Jacksonville, Florida home, Tuesday was a remarkable day full of hope and fresh beginnings.

For Ashley, pictured below with Pastor Jay Harris of The Ville Church, Tuesday changed everything.


She came to the job fair, our third with our partners in Brentwood, looking for a job but, within an hour, had been offered TWO jobs on the spot! Then, to her pleasant surprise, her new employers handed her a voucher to visit the Career Closet, sponsored by our partners at the Jacksonville Transportation Authority. After browsing her options, Ashley walked away with a brand new outfit to wear to her first day of work.

The Career Closet celebrates the women at our local job fairs who either receive interviews or on the spot job offers; their amazing achievements earn them a brand new outfit, at no cost, to make them feel even more confident and special for that interview or first day of work.

Ashley’s experience is a great example of the Better Work culture in action; we celebrate every job seeker’s achievement as a tremendous victory, not only for the individual job seeker, but for our community. When one of us wins, we all win.

Ashley was one of 44 people who left the job fair with a job offer, with over 500 interviews either conducted on site or scheduled for the coming days. Join us in celebrating each and every one of those opportunities and the talented, inspiring people who earned them.